24th International Travelling Summer School on Microwaves and Lightwaves
5 - 11 July, Copenhagen, Denmark

The international travelling summer school (ITSS) is held annually in July. This year from 5-11 July.

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The international travelling summer school (ITSS) is held annually in July. The ITSS changes the location from one participating university or institute to another one each year. In 2014, the ITSS will be organized by the Technical University of Denmark, situated in Lyngby in the suburb of Copenhagen.

About 20 professors and 60 students usually take part in the ITSS. Participating students are carefully selected by their professors. The language of the ITSS is English.

The ITSS program consists of about 20 lectures. Presenting the newest achievements in microwave and optical engineering is the main aim of the lectures. The lectures are always followed by discussions and interactions among students and professors.

During the ITSS, students are grouped into teams of mixed nationalities. The teams work on projects oriented to the design and modeling of microwave and optic devices and systems. At the end of the ITSS, each team has to represent results of the project.

In frame of the ITSS, participating PhD students can give a brief overview about their research. That way, links among young researchers are built.

The program of the ITSS includes technical and cultural visits, which presents the organizing country to ITSS participants.